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Garrett Pierson and Desirae Donnell are the creators of Imaginacres and have put in years of hard work to bring their vision to life. They are passionate about providing unique experiences to give you a peaceful getaway to think, be with nature and stretch your creative mind. 


Garrett, a professional drummer, geologist, and outdoor enthusiast, knows the history of our area like the back of his hand, and provides tours, outfitting, as well as runs our recording studio.

Dez, professional singer and silversmith, works alongside other artists to bring their visions to life. Our mission is to create a positive, inspiring, and collaborative environment that fosters growth and creativity for all who enter our doors. We believe that every project should be unique and reflective of the artist's personality and style. Come and experience what we have to offer.


Garrett's expertise in outdoor activities and geology makes him the perfect guide for adventures, while Dez's creativity adds a touch of luxury to the accommodations. We also have our furry companions, Boujee and Deja, two Frenchies who love spending time with our guests. 

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